Appearing in "Red Poison"

Featured Characters:


  • Serge / Egres

Other Characters:

  • Pabai

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Red Poison"

Lo-Zar is summoned by a native named Pabai who shows the jungle hero dead animals along the river. Testing a handful of water he finds a strange taste to it and then watches as a bird suddenly dies when it swoops down to drink some water. Lo-Zar realizes that the river has been poisoned and goes to the local village to warn the local natives not to drink the water.

Not far up river a man is pouring poison in the river in the hopes of driving natives and animals away from the area. He is spotted by Lo-Zar shortly after the man finishes dumping poison. Unaware of what the man was just doing, Lo-Zar warns him of the water and the man -- introducing himself as a hunter named Egres -- shows Lo-Zar that he has ample supplies of water to sustain himself. Lo-Zar is pulled back to the village when Pabai warns him that the poisoned waters have made the local crocodiles mad. Lo-Zar rushes off to help the locals fight off the crocs leaving the man to continue poisoning the waters. As he does so a newspaper clipping falls out of his pocket.

Unable to fight off the crocodiles, Lo-Zar orders the natives to set fire to the jungles that line the river to drive them back. As they are doing so, Lo-Zar finds the newspaper clipping and reads how it is about a communist agent named Serge who has gone missing in Moscow. As he examines the newspaper clipping ash from the fire ignites it. Lo-Zar puts it out and the way the soot had arranged on it is in the shape of a beard, making Lo-Zar realize that Egres is really Serge the communist agent.

Lo-Zar goes looking for Serge and finds him in the woods. The communist agent shoots at him, but Lo-Zar plays possum and when Serge gets close, Lo-Zar pounces on him. Their struggle sends Serge falling into the crocodile infested waters where he is eaten alive. Pambai arrives with a case of antidote for the poison he found in Serge's camp and they use it to eliminate the poison from the drinking water.

Appearing in "The Mystery of Kula Mountain"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bat creature
  • Caveman
  • Communist Agent

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "The Mystery of Kula Mountain"

Jungle Boy is travelling into the jungle when he spots in a strange foot print in the sand. Hearing a cry for help, he spots a large bat like creature carrying a man off into the distance. He returns to his father's camp to tell him what he witnessed. Jack Spears tells his son that investigating the situation is not a job for a boy and gathers a party to deal with it himself.

As his father leaves Jungle Boy wonders how they will be able to capture a creature that can fly. Suddenly he senses the creature near by, when the massive bat creature swoops down, Jungle Boy allows himself to be captured. The creature takes him to distant Kula Mountain, where new human has ever climbed and is dropped into a chasm on the peak. Jungle Boy grabs a ledge before he can fall into a pit filled with captive natives guarded by cave men. Jungle Boy confronts the cave man and tricks it into jumping off a cliff sending the cave man to it's death. He is next attack by a wild boar, but tricks it into battling a leopard.

Suddenly, Jungle Boy is cornered the man behind the kidnappings, an ex-circus trainer who has allied himself with communist forces, he explains how he intends to inject local animals with a serum to drive them mad so they will force the natives and explorers out of the area. Before the communist agent tries to shoot Jungle Boy, the hero kicks a boulder at him. Suddenly, the bat creature swoops down and grabs the communist and flies him away. Jungle Boy then frees the captured natives and helps them back down the mountain. Jungle Boy meets his father at the bottom and tries to show him the bat creature flying away, but his father cannot see it flying away and believes his son has had too much jungle air.

Appearing in "Jungle Magic"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Jungle Magic"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "Cry In the Night"

Featured Characters:


  • Kago (First appearance)

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Cry In the Night"

Man-oo battles his rival Kago the evil ape and strangles his foe with a vine.

Appearing in "The Flames of Terror"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Races and Species:

Synopsis for "The Flames of Terror"

Peter helps Dr. Kreitzer settle into his new home in the jungles where he intends to continue his research. Kreitzer hires on Gwen as his secretary, Kreitzer explains that he intends to track down and learn the secrets of the Leopard Girl among his other experiments. However the first experiment Kreitzer attempts to do is create a chemical formula that will make a nuclear reaction to summon the spirit of the legendary Flame Witch.

Before Gwen to swear him off he achieves his goal causing a sudden burst of flame, summoning the Flame Witch back to life. Gwen slips away and changes into the Leopard Girl. The Leopard Girl gets Kreitzer to safety and fights through the rampaging jungle beasts and sudden inferno to find the Flame Witch. Their first encounter, the Flame Witch manages to drive the Leopard Girl to retreat. Leopard Girl then gets the aid of Numa the lion to help her in a counter attack. Getting close to a spring, Leopard Girl knocks a rock aside causing a rush of water that extinguishes the Flame Witch's flames, putting out the hero.

She then leads Kreitzer back to his camp then slips away to change into his alter-ego. When Kreitzer finds Gwen, he tells her that he doesn't think he will be conducting any more experiments for a while.


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