Quote1 Killmonger! Killmonger! Every time I turn around, I hear his name! Quote2
-- Black Panther

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Synopsis for "Panther's Rage"Edit

T'Challa returns to Wakanda to find his homeland threatened by Erik Killmonger. Killmonger had been ravaging villages to attract the Black Panther's attention. When confronted by T'Challa, Killmonger dismisses the African Prince, having T'Challa fight with his leopard "Preyy". When T'Challa stops the leopard by apparently snapping its jaw, Killmonger finishes off a fatigued T'Challa and throws him over a waterfall. To be Continued...

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Synopsis for "Map of the Land of Wakanda"Edit

A map of Wakanda as well as the central city of Panther Island.

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This story is a reprint of the comic
Lorna, the Jungle Girl #6.

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Synopsis for "Double Danger"Edit

This story is reprinted from Lorna, the Jungle Girl #6.

Greg Knight has brought Lorna the Jungle Girl into town in order to buy her some normal womanly clothing as he hopes it will convince her that the jungle is no place for her. Greg leaves Lorna with some money at a store and tells her that he will pick her up later. As Lorna is looking at different clothing, she is spotted by a crook named Joe and his girl Grace, who is the spitting image of Lorna. This all plays into Joe's plans to knock out Lorna and have Grace take her place in order to steal diamonds from a local tribe.

While Lorna is in the changing room, Grace knocks her out and she changes clothing leaving Lorna with her identification papers. She then turns Lorna over to Joe who says he is going to get rid of her. Grace then goes outside and waits for Greg Knight to return and tells him to bring her back to the jungle. Unaware of the switch, Greg agrees to take her back. While Joe ditches Lorna off the side of a road, Grace tricks Greg into thinking that the Ukasi tribe is dealing with an epidemic. Greg tells her to go to the diamond supply in central Bugu which they have on hand for such crisis. Grace swings away marveling at how her ex-circus skills and study of Lorna's exploits have made it so easy for her to trick people into thinking that she is Lorna.

Meanwhile, the real Lorna comes to and is attacked by a cobra, but she easily defeats it. She then swings back to her tree fort and changes into her own jungle outfit and checks on Mikki who has stayed home because he's feeling ill. Greg pays her a visit and asks her about "her" trip to Bugu for diamonds. Lorna doesn't understand and wonders if there is something wrong with her memory and decides to go to Bugu to investigate.

There she come across Grace just as she is about to take some of the diamonds to bring back to Joe. Seeing the impostor, Lorna attacks and easily bests her double. She then brings Grace back to her hut. There Greg cannot tell the difference between the real Lorna and the fake until Mikki proves who the real Lorna is by climbing up on her shoulder. With the impostor faked out, Greg has the authorities take her away.


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