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The only ability Junzo has shown as being inherent is absorption. In his meetings with Iron fist, Steel Serpent and Hiromitsu, he easily stole their power through absorption. It was never revealed whether this was something he learnt, but it seems to be his only natural power. He is also exceptionally fast; his speed easily surpasses Danny Rand as commented by his uncle Yü-Ti.

After stealing the power of the Iron Fist, he gained the ability to summon and focus his chi (or natural energy) and enhance his natural abilities to extraordinary levels. His strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes and senses can all be astronomically intensified, making his already formidable martial arts skills even more so. The ultimate expression of this focus is the ability to concentrate his body's natural energies into his hand, manifesting as a supernatural glow around his clenched fist, making his fist "like unto a thing of iron." So concentrated, this "iron fist" can smash into its target with superhuman hardness and impact, while his hand becomes impervious to pain and injury. However, the feat of summoning the power required left Rand physically and mentally drained, but Junzo was able to use this ability for extended periods of time and even repeatedly.

Other applications of the Iron Fist power include the ability to focus chi energy inward to heal oneself or outward to heal others of injury, as well as being able to telepathically fuse his consciousness temporarily with another person and meld with that person's mind. While Junzo has not been seen using these abilities, they are within his power.

Other users of the Iron Fist have demonstrated applications including hypnosis and channeling his chi energy into projectile weapons to increase their destructive capacity, enhanced resistance to injury, including resilience to poison gas, a greatly slowed aging process and even invulnerability.

Even without the Iron Fist, Junzo is a world class master martial artist, having defeated Iron Fist at all of their meetings as well as Night Thrasher and Steel Serpent, he is easily one of the most skilled practitioners of unarmed combat in the Marvel Universe.

By killing his uncle Hiromitsu, he has gained magical abilities of teleportation and elemental control.

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