Jupiter was a high school friend of Angelica Jones (aka Firestar), and they appear to be best friends.

Angelica revealed her Firestar identity to Jupiter when Jupiter dropped her off and Angelica found her father had been shot by members of the Poison Memories street gang. A few days later Jupiter comforts Angelica in the hospital and they discuss her life as Firestar and the fact that her boyfriend Vance was in jail.[1]

One night, they went to a frat party where Jupiter was raped by a member of the fraternity. Firestar later confronted the rapist, and threatened to burn him.[2] This didn't make the impression she wished, though, for later Jupiter and Angel met him again when he came to order food at Jupiter's workplace. The boy didn't remember Jupes at all.[3]

Jupiter's hair color isn't consistent. She has had black hair, red hair and blonde hair.

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