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Jurgen "Iron-Hand" Hauptmann was a member of the Exiles, a criminal group of international would-be world conquerors, who were allies of the Red Skull during World War II, as well as in the modern age.

Hauptmann was later approached by Baron Helmut Zemo to cash in a favor owed to his father, wanting to use Hauptmann in a larger plot against new Captain America, James Barnes.[4]

Hauptmann and the rest of the Exiles were later a part of a plot to ambush Captain America, Sharon Carter, Maria Hill, and Victoria Hand. During the fight, Hauptmann cornered Agents Hill and Hand, only to be shot in the back by Sharon Carter.[3]



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  • Hauptmann is German for "Captain." So it is likely that, at some point in his military career, Jurgen Hauptmann was addressed as Hauptmann Hauptmann.

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