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The A.I. created by Tony Stark which controls his computer systems that runs his house, the Stark Tower, the Avengers Mansion as well as his on-board systems for the Iron Man armor.

He gives any valuable information and advice to Stark and anyone Tony knows.

JARVIS is first seen when Stark requires the use of the Mark VI and helps Tony take down Hydra by notifying him when his suit is done powering up for certain attacks and alterting him of incoming missiles and attacks.[1]

JARVIS is later tampered with by Enchantress which causes him to alert Thor about a possible infiltration in the Avengers Mansion while alerting Pepper Potts of the Hulk leaving the mansion.[2]

While Tony was making adjustments to JARVIS so he could call any one of his suits at any moment, JARVIS made a snarky remark regarding Stark only having three suits. At that moment, JARVIS' security system had become compromised by the Masters of Evil.[3]

He was later tampered with again when Ultron had altered the security systems and turned the Avengers Mansion into a deathtrap for the rest of the team.[4]

Jarvis informed Tony Stark that a theft attempt was underway by the A.I.M. to a Stark Industries experimental technology warehouse.[5]

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