The Justice Junta

Justice Junta (Earth-9047) 1
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The Justice Junta
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The Fraternity of Honked-off Muties; Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; Brotherhood of Sleazy Mutants
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Blob; Spiral; lookalikes of Pyro, Stonewall, Mystique, Destiny, Supersabre and Crimson Commando
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The first name of this team was the Fraternity of Honked-off Muties, renamed the Justice Junta, a team of eight evil muties who claimed to want their comic-book series. Nightboomfer boomfed them all away, saving the team, and boomfed back alone. Fizzler of the X-Persons asked him for an explanation, as he should have overloaded his power with such a feat; and Nightboomfer told them that his powers had increased along with his unexplained evil hunger. Rogue of the muties, gasping, reasoned that he was becoming Dark Night-boomfer, a piece of news that Nightboomfer and his friend Woof'a'eam received with glee.[1]

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  1. Mutant Beach Party! in What The--?! #3
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