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Professor Gamble used to be a member of the Time Variance Authority until he quit and stole a time machine. The TVA subsequently sent killer robots called Incinerators after him. He traveled to Earth-616 and wrote a hit Broadway play about his life. The Incinerators showed up and kidnapped the actor playing Gamble, believing him to be the real thing. Gamble teamed up with Luke Cage and Iron Fist to set things right.[1]

The Anachronauts were training and facing each other in mock combat. Then Sir Raston's Ebony Blade began to glow and lost its solidity. Terminatrix determined that this was a result of a temporal anomaly which had the Blade never be created. The erasing of the Blade from history had far reaching consequences and threatened Chronopolis itself. The Anachronauts time traveled back to the days of Camelot to undo the anomaly. They found that the Incinerators, a robotic race, had also time traveled back to Camelot and captured the Star-Stone. The Star-Stone provided the material that was used to forge the Blade. With the help of fellow time traveler Justin Alphonse Gamble, the Anachronauts defeated the Incinerators and captured the Star-Stone. Gamble made sure that the Stone would pass to the hands of Merlin who would create the Blade.[2]

Gamble indicated that he was already familiar with Terminatrix and the Anachronauts through an unrecorded adventure. It took place in his past and in their future.[2]

Gamble is mentioned as serving in the board of directors of the Penance Corps. Fellow board of directors members include Águila, Black Tiger, Crime-Buster, and Thunderbolt.[3] The Penance Corps board of directors reportedly posed for a picture.[4]

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A brilliant mind, but no special powers. Claimed to be over 95 years old.



Possesses a time machine that changes its shape to fit in with whatever era it currently exists.


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