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Justin Baldwin is the District Attorney of Springdale, Connecticut, ex-husband to soap actress Maddie Naylor and father of the superhero Speedball. Justin does not approve of superheroes and thinks they are a menace. His championing of an anti-vigilante ordinance for the town frequently put him at odds with his son's early career.[1]

Justin and his wife frequently argued over their differences. Eventually they got a divorce.[2]

Many months later, Justin saw Speedball fighting a doppelganger created by the Magus during Infinity War and discovered his son was Speedball which angered him greatly.[3] Later Robbie moved to New York with his mother. At one point Justin was kidnapped by a street gang with a grudge against the New Warriors. After the New Warriors saved Justin he and Robbie began to work on rebuilding their father son relationship.[4]

Justin and Maddie disowned their son due to the Stamford Incident where hundreds died and Speedball was publicly blamed. Maddie went to see Robbie in prison once, but Justin refused.[5]

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