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Justin Hammer[src]


A floating villa property of Justin Hammer. After kidnapping Tony Stark,[1] an army of super-villains gathered by Hammer fought Iron Man (Stark's secret identity). When Hammer's forces started losing the battle, Hammer tried to move his villa to international waters to escape, but Iron Man dropped himself from a high attitude like a human bullet towards the villa in order to wreck it, the villa sunk, but Hammer and the super villains escaped.[2]

The villa was rebuilt and later used by Justin Hammer when he contacted representatives of the Hydra, the Hand, Roxxon, Moroboshi International and the Trinational Commission to take advantage of Tony Stark's severe health problems and destroy him once and for all.[3]

As soon as Hammer's plot was uncovered by James Rhodes, each organization agreed to loan him a few operatives to help defend his installation and eliminate Stark's greatest asset in the process[4].
Iron Man and the Masters of Silence attacked the artificial island complex and defeated the Mandroids, operatives of the Hydra and the Hand, as well as Justin Hammer, who surrendered, agreeing to publicly exonerate Tony Stark from defrauding Akane Fusion, arrange for zero-interest financing for Akane and sell his portfolio of Stane Industries holdings to Stark Enterprises for the sum of one dollar.[5]


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