Quote1 The owner of Hammer Towers, The Hammer Casino in Atlantic City and the President and C.E.O. of one of the most flourishing industrial complexes in the entire world... Justin Hammer. Quote2
-- Mayor of the New York City

Justin Hammer was a wealthy industrialist and CEO of Hammer Industries. He was rivals with Norman Osborn and was Oscorp Industries' main competitor. In an effort to surpass Osborn Industries, Hammer hired Osborn's top scientist Otto Octavius and paid him for inside information.

Justin Hammer has also been secretly funding superhuman testing directly violating the Superhuman Test Ban Treaty. Two of his more significant subjects were Electro and Sandman, both petty criminals who were given horrible powers.

When Otto Octavius was caught in a lab accident, he was grafted with four metal arms. He blamed Hammer for this, and sought him out for revenge. He attacked Hammer in his limo, and Hammer subsequently died from a heart attack.


Justin Hammer is a genius with regards to high finance and big business.



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