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Special Agent Justin Pierce is the nephew of the mutant-hating terrorist, Donald Pierce. Justin joined the FBI, and became a member of the F.B.I.'s Metahuman Crimes Division dealing closely with mutants, superhumans, aliens, cyborgs, etc.[1]

New Mutants

After his uncle escaped from The Cage, Agent Pierce employed the aid of Dani Moonstar and some former New Mutants to help recapture him. Donald reunited his Reavers, bent on revenge against Elixir who was responsible for his imprisonment. Donald's plans failed, and he was recaptured.[1]

Later, Agent Pierce arrived at the Xavier Institute and had to reluctantly arrest Wither due to the death of his father.[2] With help from Agent Pierce and Evangeline Whedon, Wither was eventually cleared of all charges.[3]

After Pierce asked Dani out on a date,[4] she asked him to attend the Xavier Institute end-of-year prom and awards ceremony with her.[5]


  • His uncle Donald Pierce has a long history of hatred against mutants but Justin has displayed no such feelings or opinions. He opposes Donald's criminal acts and shows romantic interest in a mutant.[5]


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