Justine is the daughter of Justin Hammer. Little else is known about her past, only that she was experimented on by her father, to provide superpowers, and was a freelancer. However, Justine soon discovered that her powers were causing her entire body to breakdown on a cellular level.


When Tony Stark was searching through his properties after the destruction of New York by the Ultimatum Wave, he discovered Justine trespassing. After explaining she wasn't a thief and only looking for Stark's nanofleet, which could stabilize her medical condition, the two of them decided to work together to track down all of the Stark Tech, Remnant 242, that had recently been stolen. The Ghost appeared and attacked Tony. Justine used her powers to fend him off, leaving her weakened. Tony helped and revived Justine, and provided her with nanites that could keep her condition stable. In gratitude, Justine helped Stark in finding the Ghost, and tracking down those who were responsible for stealing Stark Industries technologies.

However, it was reveal that Justine was all the time in league with Tony Stark's grandfather Howard Stark, Sr., who was responsible for the theft. She admitted, however, that she was guilty and regretful for betraying Stark. After Tony activated Remnant 242, which caused the deaths of his mad grandfather and the Ghost, Justine too was killed by her condition, when the nanites within her were deactivated.[1]


She can manifest powerful energy blasts that can be used as projectiles, however using this ability is slowly killing her.

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