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Darkhold, read by Carnage[src]

Klay,[1] also known as Other-Realm,[8] the Flickering Realms, the Dark Heart of Chthon, or the Dimension of the Darkhold was the dimension created by Chthon, as one of the first Inner Planes.[3][7]

Chthon was trapped there,[10] and slumbered,[1] intending to one day return.[11]

The Dimension of the N'Garai was set within that dimension.[3][12]


Early years

Chthon escaping the Demogorge

After discovering that the Elder Gods of Earth could obtain more power by devouring each other at the cost of becoming demons, they warred with each other. One of the Elder Gods, Gaea, refused to participate and instead called upon the Demiurge to birth Atum. Atum became Demogorge the God-Eater and slayed most of the Elder God demons, but Chthon managed to avoid the cleansing by escaping to another dimension. Before he did, he wrote the Darkhold which would serve as his link to the Earth.[13] Along with his "brother" Set's Serpent's Sea, the Flickering Realms were the first two Inner Planes, dimensions located in the close vicinity of Earth.[3][7]

Chthon had full control over his dimension.[10] There, he created the N'Garai, whom he sent to another dimension[14] set within that one.[3][4]

Trapped in his dimension,[10] Chthon then went to slumber,[1] intending to one day return.[11] He granted powers to the Darkhold's users, who forfeited their souls.[14] At one point, he nearly returned but he was driven back by a group of five warriors known as the Darkhold Defenders.[15]

Modern Age

Chthon remained imprisoned there, until Carnage, the Red Slayer mentioned in the Darkhold,[8] caused his (temporary)[16] return.[1]

When the Three Mothers came to the Crimson Cosmos and slaughtered its people, Cyttorak used the last of his magicks to flee to the Flickering Realms.[5]

When the true Darkhold was unearthed in Abysmia and was read by Doctor Doom, it opened a path to the Other-Realm. Doom entered Chthon's domain with the intent of killing him but he failed and was cast out. Victorious and the Scarlet Witch gathered a modern iteration of the Darkhold Defenders -Iron Man, Blade, Wasp, Black Bolt, and Spider-Man- to defeat Chthon.[15] Although those five were corrupted by the Darkhold, they were nevertheless sent to the Other-Realm and destroyed Chthon's army. Chthon appeared in his true form and attempted to leave the Other-Realm, but was confronted by Doom and his former vessel, Wanda. Wanda absorbed the true Darkhold, which gave her the power to absorb Chthon in his entirety. With Chthon no more, Wanda returned everyone home.[17]

Points of Interest

There was no map of the Flickering Realms, due to the constant change of its landscape. This one could include sands, swamps, snow and stone, and even bleeding stone or burning snow, the only constant of the realm being danger.

The Dimension of the N'Garai was set within this one.[3][12]


Allegedly, inside the N'Garai dimension, demons were "everywhere".[3][4]


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