A captain in the Shi’ar empire’s fleet, K’rk ‘N’kazaii was one of its best officer while Princess Lilandra was Grand Admiral. When she was accused of treason by Emperor D’ken and went on the run, K’rk’s ship chased her from the Shi’ar Galaxy to the planet Earth as she followed her psychic link with Professor Charles Xavier.[1]

As both parties finally reached Earth, K’rk asked for a status report from his science officer, Mr. S’lar, looked up the planetary information. In response, one of the crew complained about the Prime Directive, but K’rk said it did not apply in this situation. S’lar then read off the list of aliens the various super-heroes of Earth had fought off, but was not very impressed until she got to Galactus’s name. With the information that Earth has beaten back the Devourer of Worlds no less than four times, the Captain ordered an immediate retreat, thinking that this primitive planet might rival the Empire. Before pulling out of range, however, a final volley of torpedoes was shot at Lilandra’s ship. They reached their target and destroyed the ship, but by then Lilandra had reached her ship’s teleporter and escaped to Earth.[2]

Much later, it was K’rk’s battle cruiser that voyaged to Earth when Lilandra, now empress of the Shi’ar, was kidnapped and supposedly taken there. It was all part of a conspiracy to secretly assassinate the empress by her sister Deathbird, with one of the fleet’s admirals, Lord Saledar, aiding here. As such, he used his authority over K’rk to order an attack upon Earth despite a rescue operation being incomplete, to which K’rk objected as it violated the mission’s goals. He was thus put under arrest by Saledar, although he was freed when Lilandra turned up alive with the X-Men. Saledar was arrested for treason, and K’rk resumed command of his vessel.[3]

  • K’rk and his crew are based upon the original Star Trek TV series, with K’rk of course based upon Captain James T. Kirk.

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