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{{Marvel Database:Character Template
{{Marvel Database:Character Template
| Image = Kára (Earth-616).jpg[[File:Unique-senior-portraits-photography.jpg|thumb]]
| Image = Kára (Earth-616).jpg
| RealName = Kára Lokadottir
| RealName = Kára Lokadottir
| CurrentAlias =
| CurrentAlias =

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Kára was born on Asgard to a female Loki after a few months of the trickster and the SHIELD agent known as Hawkeye (aka Clint Barton) began dating. Due to her strange hybrid nature, she grew quickly and steadily, and currently appears sixteen in age. She started the young avengers when Lorelei and Noriko Ashida (her unknown biological half sister) butted heads over a deal. She is currently dating Peter Parker, and recently became temporarily immortal through an attempt by her mother to protect her. She lives on the outskirts of New York with her parents, Noriko, and the Fenris wolf.


Kára can use most of her mother's magics, excelling at the psionic and shape shifting branches of it. She is nearly as strong as Loki and her half sister Hela.

Strength level

She is a goddess of nature, and most animals fawn and flock to her. She can use this to her advantage, should she so choose.


Oversensitive... Really... oversensitive... Or at least was~


Kára uses a wooden staff combined with magic. Is skilled with a bow and was personally trained by Clint Barton and Sif.


Teleportation, Father's credit card

Enjoyed apples, but this may have changed when her Mother tricked her into eating one of Idunn's golden apples

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