Origins and early years

Kāne is the leader of the Akua, a superhumanly powerful race worshiped as gods by the people of the Pacific islands. He was presumably manifested, along with other deities, by the Demiurge in response to early man's subconscious need for gods.[citation needed]

Kāne was born to Papatuanuku, an aspect of the Earth-mother Gaea, and Rangi, the primordial embodiment of the sky. The two were locked in such a close embrace that their children lived in total darkness. Rejecting his bloodthirsty brother Kū's suggestion of killing their parents, Kāne instead used his great strength to push his parents apart, bringing light into the world and taking the place of his father as Skyfather of the Akua.[citation needed]
Kāne (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 300 001

Third Host

When the Third Host of Celestials descended upon Earth in 1000 AD, Tame attended a Council of Godheads meeting to discuss the threat.[6]


Presumably the certain superhuman physical attributes of conventional Akua, including immortality, immunity to disease, superhuman strength, regeneration etc.[2]


Carries a sacred axe with the power to rattle the earth and cut through dimensional barriers.[citation needed]

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