The real name of Captain K-4 is unknown; however, his military record is: He was the youngest flying lieutenant during World War I with eleven victories. He had also fought in the Spanish Civil War and in the China-Japan conflict.

In the 1940's, shortly after the outbreak of World War II, K-4 -- at that time a soldier of fortune -- formed the Sky-Devils, a trio of special operatives that fought for the Allied Forces. He was accompanied by his friends Lt. Rene D'Auvergne and Lt. Ronald Wolverstone-Clodd. To date, there are only three recorded adventures of the Sky-Devils.

The first, after helping an Allied fighter out of trouble, involved K-4 posing as Gestapo agent Gunther Hessemen for the purposes of infiltrating and destroying a Nazi ammo dump that was shooting Allied planes. K-4 succeeded in getting through security and planting explosives before being discovered. He was rescued by his fellow Sky-Devils just before the explosives went off, destroying the base.[1] Later, when the team was assigned to destroy a Nazi zeppelin, the Sky-Devils tracked it en route to Paris, France. Catching up with the ship, K-4 personally parachuted down and destroyed it himself.[2] When Rene and Ronald were captured by Nazis while on a reconnaissance mission, they escaped and sent a warning to K-4 about an impending Nazi attack. K-4 led Allied Forces on a sneak attack on the Nazi base, rescuing his friends from danger.[3]

K-4's subsequent activities since then remain unrevealed.


K-4 is a master pilot, soldier, and spy.


K-4 typically travels in his own personal American fighter jet or in a fighter plane when he and the Sky-Devils are required to fly together.


K-4 has access to conventional weapons available to Allied Forces during World War II.

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