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Ka-Zar is downtrodden that his rulership over the Savage Land has seemingly been usurped by his wife, Shanna, who now possesses the life-giving and life-controlling energies of the Terraformer, which she demonstrated by leading an army of snakes away from the villages and back into the jungle. The increasingly agitated crowds seeking her attention begin speaking of a silver-and-crimson god, and Ka-Zar tries to disperse them. He upsets Shanna by suggesting they try to get the power out of her and into a new Terraformer, and they bicker.

Looking for clues about the HE’s location, Ka-Zar seeks him out, hoping he might rebuild the Terraformer (which he did once already in the past) and strip Shanna of her new powers. In a cavern underneath the Valley of Flame he fends off some giant ants and then finds the Evolutionary himself in a laboratory. High Evolutionary was unaware of the Terraformer’s destruction, as he’s been obsessed with his research on Isotope E, a volatile substance that causes spontaneous mutations and drove him from his home on Wundagore Mountain. Hearing about Shanna’s evolution the Evolutionary agrees to look into the problem. But when he and Ka-Zar witness Shanna replenishing a desiccated valley with verdant life, Evolutionary grows infatuated with her instead.

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