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Synopsis for "The Politics of Evolution"

The High Evolutionary coaches Shanna in the use of her new powers, encouraging her to evolve smaller dinosaurs to avoid being prey for larger ones and calling her a goddess. Ka-Zar, believing Shanna is losing touch with her humanity, looks on warily.

Ka-Zar approaches her while she’s alone and learns her powers of empathy with nature have spread to the point where she can sense lifeforms all over the globe. He tries to prove himself to her by fending off a charging tyrannosaurus, but she stops him, entangling him with vines that she controls and saying the dinosaur only came in search of her help. Later Ka-Zar finds her neglecting their son Kevin and they squabble. She asks the Evolutionary to remove the power of life from her, but he refuses. He asks her instead to help him create a new Counter-Earth, free of pollution and want.

A desperate Ka-Zar breaks into the Evolutionary’s unguarded lab and steals a container of Isotope E, thinking to gain Shanna’s love back by evolving himself to be her equal. Evolutionary confronts him with the news that Shanna and he are leaving to create a new planet, and he is invited to come along. Ka-Zar punches him, but Evolutionary gives him another chance: come with them to their new paradise, or remain behind to rule the Savage Land. Unhappy with either choice, Ka-Zar eyes the container of Isotope E.

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