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Synopsis for "A New Dawn... a New World!"

Ka-Zar is having a midlife crisis. He's wondering if he should give up the jungle life and head to the comforts of modern civilization. He parts ways from Shanna for a bit to try and find Zabu, who has uncharacteristically wandered off.

The trail leads him to a vast new section of the Savage Land. We'll eventually learn that it's called Pangea,. He meets a woman called Leanne who owns a femal pet saber-tooth . He rescues her from some savages, but it turns out that she is the queen of a a large medieval city called Lemuria. They have a brief affair, but she leaves him because he's too uncivilized.


  • Starting with this issue, Ka-Zar is portrayed with a radically different personality than he had previously been portrayed with. Ka-Zar the Savage #5 will later explain this change in characterization.

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