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  • Ka-Zar's Lasso

Synopsis for "To Air Is Human!"

Shanna shows up as Ka-Zar and Zabu sit miserably in the rain thinking about their lost loves. There's an accident and they both fall off a cliff, with Shanna's last words to Ka-Zar being "I love you". They wake up on top a of a huge tower called Aerie Shalan populated by the bird men called Aerians and they rescued them. They inform Ka-Zar that Pangea is undergoing major ecological changes, and they don't know why. Soon, the Aerians are attacked by Pterons, humanoid pterodactyls. Ka-Zar helps stop the attack with his sling, and they then learn that Queen Leanne, an ally of the Aerians, has been captured.

It eventually comes to light that one of the Aerians called Sep was having an affair with Leanne, but he turns out to be a traitor, as he turn her over to the Pterons. Ka-Zar, Zabu, and Shanna attack, with Shanna killing Khalf the leader of the Pterons. Shanna and Leanne after the battle end up hanging off a cliff, and Ka-Zar can only save one. Ka-Zar chooses Shanna but it is never made clear if this was due to his feelings or loyalty.


The title is a play on the famous observation by Alexander Pope, "To err is human, to forgive divine."

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