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Ka-Zar the Savage Vol 1 3 001

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Ka-Zar and Shanna stay in the Aerie to celebrate the victory over the Pterons by participating in the Kingdom Games, a set of traditional sporting events. Ka-Zar's expressed desire to get away on his own for a while gets him in trouble with Shanna, who has a hunch he just wants to go searching for Leanne. When Ka-Zar wins in a combat duel against an Aerian named Buth, he attracts the attention of Buth's girlfriend, Dephine, who quickly attempts to seduce the victorious visitor. Ka-Zar thinks better of things and turns her down to go back to Shanna, buth Dephine isn't quite deterred.

The next event involves mounted combat on large bat-like creatures called skites. When Shanna's skite gets knocked out, she heads to the stable to get a replacement. Dephine is watching the place and when she notices Shanna is looking for a new mount, she mischievously offers a skite that's in heat so she knows it will relentlessly fly off towards its home if it's released. With Shanna carried off on an out-of-control skite, Dephine moves in on Ka-Zar, who's not amused when she drops what she did. He's less amused when an overhearing Khup points out that the skite's home island sank recently so it's not just taking Shanna on a joyride, she'll drown with the skite when its strength gives out over where its destination should be. Before they can deal with that, the Aerian leader Typ arrives with news he's discovered of a conspiracy to assassinate him. Buth attacks Ka-Zar in that moment, leading them to believe he's the assassin, but it turns out he's just sore and jealous over Dephine and his earlier loss. During the distraction of their struggle, the real assassin, Khup, gets his chance to stab Typ with the poisoned sword. Ka-Zar takes Khup out, but it seems they're too late to save their lord.

Ka-Zar can't stay to mourn as he still has to fly out to rescue Shanna, but things look hopeless as a heavy storm rages over the water where the missing island would be.

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