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Synopsis for "When the Sea Gives Up Its Dead!"

Ka-Zar separates from Buth to continue his search for Shanna, eventually finding an island just as his skite collapses from exhaustion. He finds Shanna there, oddly cowering from an attacking dinosaur. He rescues her and they make up, though he notices she's acting strangely.

That night, while Ka-Zar sleeps, "Shanna" sneaks off to a hidden temple where the comatose body of Queen Leanne rests on a slab attached to an advanced machine. She's about to pull the plug on Leanne, but Sep stops her, pleading that she show mercy on the woman whom she's traded places with. It turns out that Sep had taken the injured Leanne to Nahgen Island and found the hidden temple and learned how to operate its lost technology. When Shanna washed up on the island, he used the opportunity to use one of the machines to switch their minds, giving his beloved Leanne another chance at life at the cost of Shanna's.

Leanne, as Shanna, only interested in Ka-Zar at this point, goes back to him and tries to convince him that Sep attacked her and is going to swap her mind with Leanne's. Confused, Ka-Zar follows her to the temple where Sep attacks, thinking he's going to steal Leanne from him. Sep eventually comes clean about the situation and Ka-Zar believes it considering "Shanna's" behavior. Against her protests, they reverse the process, returning Shanna to her body and leaving the comatose Leanne with the grieving Sep.

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