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Synopsis for "The Ties that Bind!"

On the way back from the island, Ka-Zar tells Shanna a story from not long ago when he was helping his friend's village deal with a rabid sabretooth tiger at a time when Zabu had gone off on his own. Ka-Zar worried that Zabu was the culprit since he hadn't seen him in a while. In their encounter with the beast, it managed to wound Ka-Zar's friend, Tongah, before running off to attack a Tyrannosaur and get eaten for its madness. Ka-Zar never got a good look at the cat, but noticed it was large enough to be Zabu. Knowing that Tongah would soon submit to rabies as well, Ka-Zar stayed with his friend while they prepared a funeral pyre and at the last moment, Tongah killed himself to spare him the symptoms of the infection. Ka-Zar mourned two friends that day until he got back to the village to find the real Zabu alive and well. After hearing the story, Shanna realizes that was the moment Kevin started to yearn for the civilized world that would have had an easier medical solution to the sickness that claimed his friend.

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