Quote1.png Stay out of my way, or you're gonna get a kilowatt right to the head! Quote2.png
-- Kaboom src


Kaboom's Inhuman lineage and powers were discovered after Black Bolt activated the Terrigen Bomb. Following her Terrigenesis, Kaboom was recruited by Lineage.[1]

Kaboom fighting Ms. Marvel

Kaboom appeared on Newark Avenue attacking innocents. Kamala was nearby, and after quickly changing into Ms. Marvel, the pair fought. Ms. marvel finished the fight by enlarging her hands and hitting harder than she ever had, which left Kaboom unconscious and severely injured.[2] Kaboom was later seen beside Lineage, but wearing a neck-brace.[3]


Kaboom's power

  • Electrokinesis: Kaboom boasts the ability to generate a kilowatt of electrical energy. Additionally, Kaboom's hair emits electrical/lightning-like energy while her powers are active.[2]

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