Kacy was among the many Inhuman descendants revealed by the Terrigen Bomb.[1]


She was rescued by Lash. Taken to her new home of Orollan, she befriended another new arrival named Korvostax. Later, Kacy helped Lash fight against Queen Medusa and her royal guard when they infiltrated their home.[1]

New Attilan

Eventually, she abandoned the Tribe and joined the ranks of the Inhumans at New Attilan under Iso's leadership.[2]


Kacy using her abilities during the attack on Stark Manufacturing Facility SZ-4

Enhanced Respiratory System: Her unique Nuhuman ability presents itself as intake valves not unlike gills sitting on opposite ends of her face. Whenever she takes a deep breath through them her whole head expands like a blowfish, enabling her exhale excess amounts of wind in a concussive manor.[1]

  • Enhanced Breath: Kacy can exhale copious amounts of compressed air for offensive means.[1]

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