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Quote1 After all, unlike Wolverine...we have a school to run. Quote2
Kade Kilgore[src]


The genius son of a weapons-manufacturer, Kade Kilgore plotted to join the Hellfire Club. He spent two years blackmailing the board of his father's company to install him as the new C.E.O. Kade used a psi-blocking helmet and a light-bending wetsuit to sneak onto Utopia and free Quentin Quire from his containment cell. After Quentin interrupted an arms control summit in Switzerland (which Kade's father was attending) by telepathically making the assembled diplomats reveal their dirtiest secrets on live television, Kade shot his father to death and dumped his body out of his flying car and into the mountains. With the resulting fear and general panic after Quentin's attack, The Hellfire Club then toasted the 12-year-old as their new Black King.[1]

Kilgore attacked the Jean Grey School several times, sometimes with direct effort, sometimes by guile. One of his most successful attacks was recruiting the weakest students away from the Jean Grey School to his own Hellfire Academy. The flaw in his security system was that Krakoa, now a loyal Jean Grey School student, remembered where the Academy was. In the resulting battle, the Academy was destroyed and he escaped through the Siege Perilous.[2]

This caused Kilgore to fall out of favor; he is later seen at the top of his game, controlling the Hellfire Club in New York City.



Kade Kilgore possesses genius-level intelligence.



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