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Quote1.png I speak for the mighty Baron Mordo! He commands you to search every inch of the city until Dr. Strange is found! Quote2.png


Kaecilius was a disciple of Baron Mordo. He often served as field agent or deliverer of messages for Mordo. He accompanied Baron Mordo to Kamar-Taj in Tibet to kidnap the Ancient One. Doctor Strange took the Ancient One and escaped.[1] Kaecilius later hired a group of smugglers in Hong Kong to search for Doctor Strange.[2]

Mordo sent Kaecilius to England to the estate of Sir Anthony Baskerville to capture Doctor Strange. Baron Mordo took mental possession of Kaecilius' form to allow him to use powers granted by Dormammu power against Strange. Doctor Strange was able to free himself from his control and knocked him out. Doctor Strange then learned from his mind that it was Dormammu who was giving Mordo his added power.[3]

Kaecilius informed Baron Mordo that they had detected the use of Doctor Strange's spell in the temple of the Aged Genghis.[4]

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Magic: Kaecilius was trained in the mystic arts by his master Baron Mordo.[1]

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