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Quote1.png God, Strange… You really do like to hear yourself talk. You are correct, of course. This has been such fun, but the game has run its course. I will make my faithless master, Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo, squeal with all the agonies of the Purple Dimension, and then I will kill you again, with your own power Quote2.png


Kaecilius was a disciple of Baron Mordo. He often served as field agent or deliverer of messages for Mordo. He accompanied Baron Mordo to Kamar-Taj in Tibet to kidnap the Ancient One. Doctor Strange took the Ancient One and escaped.[1] Kaecilius later hired a group of smugglers in Hong Kong to search for Doctor Strange.[2]

Mordo sent Kaecilius to England to the estate of Sir Anthony Baskerville to capture Doctor Strange. Baron Mordo took mental possession of Kaecilius' form to allow him to use powers granted by Dormammu power against Strange. Doctor Strange was able to free himself from his control and knocked him out. Doctor Strange then learned from his mind that it was Dormammu who was giving Mordo his added power.[3]

Death of Doctor Strange

Kaecilius was at some point banished by Doctor Strange to the Purple Dimension, alongside Demonicus and Adria.[4][5] While there, he was recruited by the warlords Umar, Aggamon, Tiboro, and Dagoth to kill Strange and break The Barrier.[6]

Kaecilius, Demonicus, and Adria were later released from the Purple Dimension through a mirror made from one of the Purple Gems.[4] Kaecilius soon after killed Doctor Strange and framed Baron Mordo for the murder by hiding the Eye of Agamotto and Cloak of Levitation in his castle.[6]

Kaecilius was killed when the Temporal Duplicate of Doctor Strange used a healing spell to transmute him into the resurrected form of the original Doctor Strange, since he had foolishly given himself both his hands and his soul.[7]



Magic: Kaecilius was trained in the mystic arts by his master Baron Mordo.[1]

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