The woman known as Kaesong Katie was a guerilla soldier for the People's Liberation Army of China that was active during the Korean War. With her troop of female soldiers she raided United Nations ammunition dumps across Korea, making her a much sought after enemy by American troops.

During one of her raids she captured American soldier Penny Pennington who was posted as a guard. Searching him for weapons she came across an American girlie magazine. While she and her soldiers were amazed by the beautiful clothing the women in the magazine wore, Katie believed it to be nothing more than American propaganda and tore up the magazine. She and her soldiers then stole the ammo and left Penny tied up to a tree.

Katie's sudden love for American fashion soon became her undoing as Penny was soon freed and gathered all his resources to get a collection of luxurious female clothing made in America. Driving around in a jeep loaded with the clothing, Penny drove around searching for Katie and her soldiers. When he was captured again, Katie and her minions found the clothing and instantly fell in love with them. Decked out in her new clothing, Katie and her soldiers then happily surrendered to American troops[1].

Kaesong managed to escape but was about to be executed by her superiors when she was discovered by Combat and Penny who freed her. However, Katie double crossed them and took them prisoner stealing secret plans in the process. She brought them back to her superiors, but Combat and Penny managed to break free, lock up her commanders, and run off with the plans leaving Kaesong to be executed for her failure[2]. However, Katie managed to survive thanks to her own operatives under the command of her superior who used blank bullets to fake her death. Kaesong then became determined to go after Combat and Penny and recapture them in order to get back in the good graces of her superiors[3]. She captured the pair again and attempted to decapitate them with a helicopter rotor, but they once again managed to escape.[4]


Katie was armed with weapons that were available to the Chinese army during the Korean War.

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