Not much is known about the so-called "Shark God" known as Kai-Mak. Apparently, he is the last survivor of a race of under sea creatures that ruled the oceans millions of years ago. In the 1940's, he became worshiped by the Zambiji Tribe, who would regularly feed him human sacrifices.

When an elderly explorer and his daughter were captured by the tribe to be fed to Kai-Mak, the Vision appeared to rescue them. Battling the creature one-on-one, the Vision overpowered and slew the creature. With their supposed god dead, the Zambiji surrendered to the Vision and allow him to free their captives.[1]


Kai-Mak had above average strength, and could breath on land and under water. He had physical characteristics similar to that of sea sharks. Presumably, he is either immortal or long lived.

Although worshiped as one, Kai-Mak is not a god in the true sense of the word as he does not appear to be part of any pantheon nor does he appear to have any the common godly traits. He is likely the last member of some race that lived on Earth millions of years ago. This seems more likely due to the number of undersea races that have and still presently existed.

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