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Kaina was a Contraxian alien who once posed as an ESU graduate, Marcy Kane. She intended to find the necessary scientific elements to help her home planet Contraxia's failing star.[2]

At the ESU she also worked as Teacher Assistant in the Bio-physics department under Dr Sloan's direction and there she met Peter Parker, at that time another Teacher Assistant.[3] She also met and had a brief romance with Jack Hart, secretly the half-human son of a Contraxian emissary; but Hart left and failed to return because he had became the superhero Jack of Hearts.[4]

After months of fighting with Peter due to his continuous absences, they became friends.[1] When Marcy began tutoring him, she and Peter seemed headed for a relationship, but she turned him down.[5]

After crossing paths with Hart again, Marcy revealed her true identity as Kaina and accompanied Hart back to her homeworld.[4] Hart restored the Contraxian sun, but his power became overwhelming and he had to leave the planet and Kaina to remain in outer space. Hart asked Kaina to lecture the Contraxians in morality, as their actions had led to his situation.[6]

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