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Liberated from jail to secretly produce super-soldiers for the CIA and FBI, Otto Octavius a.k.a. Doctor Octopus created Kaine, a flawed clone of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and several other Spider-Man clones. Needing a superhuman genetic template for his experiments, Octavius delighted in using Parker's DNA to desecrate the life of his foe. Kaine was mentally unstable, possessed a disfigured face, a sightless eye, and incomplete skin development.[1]

Believing himself to be the true Spider-Man, he kidnapped Parker's ex-girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, and took her to the abandoned Oscorp lab in New Jersey. Thinking he would enable her to defend herself from super-powered threats, he exposed her to the mutagenic "Oz" formula he obtained from Dr. Octopus.[2]

Though the six-armed Spider-Man clone, Tarantula, tried to stop Kaine, Mary Jane was nonetheless transformed into a giant savage lupine beast until she was rescued by Spider-Man with his female clone, Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman).

Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers, the Fantastic Four, and Spider Slayer drones arrived with Dr. Octavius to Oscorp's lab where the truth of Octavius' activities was revealed. While Fury and the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) argued over Mary Jane's treatment, Kaine panicked and rashly leapt towards her but was shot dead by SHIELD soldiers.[3]


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Kaine possessed all of Spider-Man's OZ/Spider Hybrid powers. He has superhuman strength (able to press 6 tons), reflexes, and equilibrium, the ability to cling to most surfaces, immortality, a rapid healing factor and a sixth sense that warned him of impending danger.


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Kaine suffered from a delusional disorder.


  • Ultimate Secrets refers to this clone as "Kaine".


  • This incarnation of Kaine wears a pseudo version of Ben Reilly's Spider-Man costume

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