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Kak is the commander of the Ongulian Defense Fleet.

When his home-planet, Ongulia was blown up by Id, the Selfish Moon, he and his crew were aboard the Command Ship of the Ongulian Defense Fleet, and survived to the fragments wave when Id sniffed the planet dust. He then swore revenge on it.

He travelled through space with his soldiers during six years, looking for allies with suicidal tendencies, information on Id. At some point, they contacted Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery to hire them to destroy Id but the boss' brother in-law Macho Gomez refused. Later, the boss, Funtzel, and Obb, his employee and would-be brother-in-law, call them back, wanting to kill Deadpool, their new and dangerous employee in the process.

Kak was okay on the new guy, as he had heard of him in a bar, after Deadpool had launch a "viral campaign promotion" in letting escape mercenaries of the Exto Clan on a precedent mission.

Kak intended to trap Id in blowing up Id when Id concentrate to destroy Urrulu planet. Deadpool strongly disapproved, shot Kak in the arm and use the Command Ship to relocate the Urrulians on another planet, where he leave both them and the Ongulians. He made Id tracking him on U-235, swallow this planet and blow.

Kak thanks him for having prevented himself to kill the Urrulians, even if Deadpool was still upset for his heroic and successful actions to don't make him a hero on Earth. Kak then leaves.



Command Ship of Ongulian Defense Fleet

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