In the 1930's, explorer Bruce Dickson attempted to climb Mount Kalpurthia, in the Himalayas. There, he encountered the entrance to the dimension of the lost civilization of Kalahia, which possessed extremely advanced technology. The Kalahian people altered his body to give him the same physical abilities they had: eternal youth and tremendous physical resilience and flexibility, including the ability to become "thin."

Bruce also learned much of their advanced technology, and fell in love with Olalla, daughter of the Kalahians' leader. He and his new love traveled to the outside world and became crime-fighters with Dickson take the name "Thin Man."[1]

The Thin Man told Cap that at some point, Olalla returned to the hidden valley, while Dickson continued to serve his country during and after World War II. However, when he returned to Kalahia after the war's end, he discovered that the Nazis had located the valley and brutally slaughtered all its inhabitants, including his wife.[2]


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