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Kali was a member of the Daevas, an extra-dimensional race of beings still worshipped as gods by the people of India,[1] and was the goddess of death[3][6] and destruction.[1]



Kali was a member of the Daevas, an extra-dimensional race of beings worshipped as gods by people of Earth.[1] She was known for using her deadly grace to slay shapeshifting demons.[4]


Hyborian Age

...[5] It remains unclear whether or not Khalaahri was another name of Kali (see notes).



Modern Age

The Goddess Kâli

She once empowered the mercenary Saint van Sant with the gift of reincarnation whereupon he assumed the name Deathtoll.[1]


  • It is unclear whether or not Khalaari, Vendhya's four-armed goddess of death, is influenced by Kali, the Hindu goddess of death, or another name and depiction of her. Though many Hindu gods have more than two arms, Yama is usually depicted as having six.
  • Apocalypse claimed to have impersonated "Kali-Ma" at some point.[7] This implies Kali is also worshipped by the name Kali-Ma to some peoples.

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