Kalikya and her best friend Tonaja went through the Terrigenesis ritual together with the rest of their class. Kalikya and Tonaja promised to always remain best friends regardless of what the mist did to them. When they emerged, however, Tonaja had the very prestigious mutation of wings and natural flight, the first flyer in many cycles of Terrigenesis. Kalikya, meanwhile, initially demonstrated only unusually long fingers. Despite their promise, Tonaja deliberately stopped associating with Kalikya after her unimpressive Terrigenesis.[1]

Over time, Kalikya's healing abilities manifested, and she became a combat healer during Attilan's struggle with invaders. After Tonaja attempted to reconcile with Kalikya after learning of her power, Kalikya rejected her former friend's overtures.[2]


Healing: After passing through the Terrigen Mist, she developed elongated fingers and a healing ability that ranked among the most prestigious Attilan healers that work directly for the Royal Family.

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