Little was detailed about Gladiator’s life before the zombie plague arrived in Reality-2149, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as Gladiator of Earth-616.

Forty years after the contagion began infecting this reality, Gladiator was infected and joined up with the Zombie Galacti at the edge of the known universe. It seemed that they had consumed most of the universe, and so decided to make their way back to Earth in order to rebuild the teleportation device originally built by Tony Stark.

Upon returning to Earth, the zombies found a group of humans led by the newly zombified Black Panther along with the Wasp and Hawkeye. When Giant-Man proposed the idea of a human breeding colony Spider-Man attacked him, revealing that his hunger was gone. Power Man joined him and they began to battle the rest of the zombies. A sphereical shield suddenly appeared around the colony leaving the Galacti outside except for defenders and Gladiator. Gladiator then tried to eat the colonists but was ambushed by Forge wearing an old Iron Man suit. This distracted him long enough for Spider-Man and Luke Cage to attack him with the power cosmic, killing him.[1]


Seemingly those of the Gladiator or Earth-616.


Flight under his own power.

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