Kallark was a member of the Imperial Guard loyal to the mad Emperor D'Ken who sought to control the power of the M'kraan Crystal at at time when the crystal grew unstable. He would clash with Gambit and the X-Ternals a team of mutants from Earth who teleported to the Shi'ar galaxy seeking a shard of the crystal to stabilize all reality. Gladiator and his fellow Imperials would fight the X-Ternals, forcing them to flee. Gladiator would capture Madri Rictor, a member of Apocalypse's Madri, who sought to capture the X-Ternals to curry favor to his master. When Rictor would explain to Gladiator that he was accidentally transported to their world and sought to capture the X-Ternals. Kallark would allow Rictor to join them in their continue pursuit. However, during the course of the battle, the unstable M'Kraan Crystal would send a crystallization wave to the planet they were battling on. While Gladiator and Rictor would manage to escape it, the rest of the Imperial Guard would be crystallized by it's effect.[1]

When the X-Ternals would teleport onto the world where the M'Kraan Crystal was kept, Gladiator would lead an army of Shi'ar soldiers to keep the X-Ternals away from it. During the course of the battle, the X-Ternal known as Sunspot would find that he was absorbing and channeling the power of the crystal. He would unleash its power on Gladiator, crystallizing him and his forces in the process.[2] Gladiator's ultimate fate is unrevealed, although it is possible that he was restored to normal after the M'Kraan Crystal was re-stabilized.


Seemingly those of the Kallark or Earth-616.

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