The demon known as Kalumai was served on Earth by the Cult of Kalumai for centuries. His main opposition to conquering Earth came from the Scarecrow. During one of their earlier battles, the Scarecrow actually ripped one of Kalumai's horns from his head and sealed the dimensional gateway between Kalumai's dimension and Earth's behind an oil painting known only as "The Scarecrow." The Scarecrow acted as the guardian of this dimensional portal and made it his mission to ensure that Kalumai was never able to return to Earth.

In modern times, the Cult of Kalumai, led by Gregor Rovik, attempted to obtain the painting in order to bring their lord to Earth. When the painting was instead sold to Jess Duncan, the Cult stole it from his home and kipnapped his girlfriend Harmony Maxwell, whom they planned on using as a scrifice in their attempt to free Kalumai. The Cult was opposed by the Scarecrow, however, who slaughtered most of their ranks and freed Harmony.[1]

Kalumai sent several of his underlings through the portal, where they were controlled by Bartolome and were sent to retrieve Kalumai's horn. The Scarecrow killed the slow moving demons and later defeated Bartolome and more of his demon-servents by opening a dimesional portal which sucked them in.[2]

'The Scarecrow' painting was put on exhibit and Kalumai succeeded in possessing a man and transforming him into an avatar for his power. The man became covered in flames and attacked the Scarecrow, who was then assisted by the Thing. The Scarecrow was able to trick Kalumai's pawn into using his powers on the painting itself, which appeared to incinerate it, transforming the man back to normal.[3]

The Scarecrow/Straw Man later told Dr. Strange that he succeeded in destroying Kalumai, though whether he was truly destroyed remains to be seen.


Largely unrevealed. Kalumai sought to takeover the Earth and was the lord of an extradimensional realm, so you'd imagine him to be pretty powerful. His powers were greatly limited by his inability to access Earth. He could grant power to others, and under some occassions send his demons to Earth. Any other uses of his powers have yet to have been demonstrated.


He controlled an army of demons and a Cult of followers on Earth.

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