Life and Death

Circa 5,000 BC (seventy centuries ago), Lord Kam'u attempted to make peace with Athens by sending emissaries to appeal for trade between the two countries, in order to feed their starving masses.

The Athenians instead butchered the emissaries' bodies and invaded his realm, causing Kam'u to strike back.[1]

He allegedly eventually let down his people, and ended up in Hell upon his death.[2]

Modern Age

There, along Zalphir, Hensel, and other past kings of Atlantis, they tormented the present-day king of Atlantis Namor after he was grabbed to Hell (due to the barriers separating the worlds softening after Wolverine escaped Hell).[2]


Ancient Atlantean helmet.[2]

  • It is unclear so far if Kam'u is an alternate spelling of Kamuu, the first king of Atlantis (in this case, the reference to "seventy centuries ago" for his rule retcons yet again the datation of Atlantis), or if Kam'u is an independent individual from Kamuu.

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