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Kamala's Golems
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Replications of Lightning Golem DNA, recombined with Kamala Khan's own DNA, but accidentally tainted by a neurotoxin allowing for self-replication.
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Kamala's Golems were an experiment whereby Bruno Carrelli used the 3D printer donated to Coles Academic High School's science lab by Stark Industries to replicate a sample of the Lightning Golems' DNA to fashion golems of Kamala Khan so that she could be in three places at once. Unfortunately, everything went horribly wrong due to their being tainted by Hydra's neurotoxin resulting in their unexpected self-replication,[1] forcing Bruno and Mike Miller to subsequently create a gigantic dinosaur golem to combat them.

As the Kamala golems and dinosaur golem rampaged through Jersey City, the JCPD were overwhelmed, prompting Bruno and Mike to summon Loki Laufeyson as a last resort. The God of Mischief then led his Guardian Golems into battle, engaging the other golems on Sussex Street.

With the situation clearly out of hand, Ms. Marvel activated her Locator Pendant, summoning Captain Marvel to the scene. Alpha Flight targeted all non-carbon based lifeforms on Sussex Street from the A.F.S.S. and neutralized the threat with extreme prejudice.[2]

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