Kamala Kang was outside in her protection suit when she traversed through a Chronogen mist. She learned the suit was faulty after she became bathed within the storm which ignited her latent Inhuman gene. The mist warped her mind and body which gave her the ability to embiggen her cosmic perspective. She was now able to stretch her body through space and time itself.

As she was on her way home she accidentally zoomed through the past where she ran into the Rawhide Kid. Finally at home, Kamala was sitting at a table studying as her mother Muneeba was cooking and her father Yusuf was talking about how he met Dr. Francis Ecklestein, the person who she was studying about.

Kamala Kang (Warp World) (Earth-616) from Infinity Wars Infinity Warps Vol 1 2 002

Kamala with her helmet off.

Kamala decided that instead of studying about the man, she would actually meet him so she put on her suit and used her abilities to travel to the early twentieth century to do just that. She wondered what type of complications would happen to the timestream if she decided to engage him since she was from the future but she went to do it anyways. But as she appeared before him, Dr. Ecklestein was hit by a truck that didn't stop.

Worried that her presence there caused his death, she decided to go back in time mere minutes before she originally got there to make sure he stayed alive. As she pulled the Doctor out of the way, the truck ended up hitting someone else, a past version of her father Yusuf instead. She decided to go back to prevent her father's tragedy but was stopped by divergent versions of herself telling her not to believe anyone of them. [1]

Kamala Kang (Warp World) (Earth-616) from Infinity Wars Infinity Warps Vol 1 2 003

Kamala's powers.

Later on Kamala was visited by Emma Frost and the trickster god Loki who told her the person she is now is not who she was meant to be. Emma showed her a physic image of the two souls from the prime universe that were mashed together to create her. Emma using the power of one of the stones split Kamala back into Ms. Marvel and Kang the Conqueror.[2]


Kamala Kang's Protection Suit

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