Agent Kamala Khan of New Attilan lost her entire family four years prior due to an attack by Ultron drones. Taken in by Queen Medusa, they once spent an entire hour discussing how much Kamala missed her mother's pakoras.[citation needed]

Sent in as backup for Auran while in the Quiet Room, Kamala pretended to be a counterpart of Tony Stark, sneaking down into the basement of the club in order to investigate. Being caught by The Bard, she fought off the Voice Unheard's forces, only to be stunned by Mega-Rad and later bound by Frank McGee.[citation needed]

In an attempt to distract the forces of New Attilan in order to let them escape, Karnak pushed Kamala down a pit and set off an explosion in her vicinity, sincerely hoping she'd survive it. Kamala was ultimately rescued and helped Auran subdue the members of the resistance.[citation needed]

After being asked by Queen Medusa to release her prisoners, Kamala gets suspicious and (as a shapeshifter herself) asks for proof from the Queen. Medusa responds with both Kamala's past as well as an authorization code, which is good enough for Kamala.[citation needed]

Though her ultimate fate is unknown, she was shown among Medusa's forces before Black Bolt brought down New Attilan and subsequently forced God Emperor Doom to restructure her reality.[citation needed]


Seemingly those of the Kamala Khan of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Kamala Khan of Earth-616.

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