Quote1 I finally get to help my heroes crush the forces of evil! Please don't tell my parents... Quote2
-- Ms. Marvel src

Ms. Marvel was one of the students who attended Avengers Academy, A.I.M. was trying to recruit her, but the Avengers Academy was able to do it first.

When A.I.M. attacked New York City with a giant robot, Captain America went there to stop them with a few of the Academy students, Ms. Marvel asked to go, but Captain America said she wasn't ready yet and still needed training, when they went to attack the robot they lost and came back defeated to the Avengers Academy. After they came back and were regrouping to beat A.I.M. Ms. Marvel asked Captain America to go yet again, he finally gave in and decided to train her so she could join them on the mission, after the training was finished the two of them and Black Widow went back to fight the A.I.M. robot and were able to beat it thanks to Ms. Marvel.


Ms. Marvel became a founder of the Champions with her friend Viv. She used her knowledge of the super hero community, and her contacts to recruit Spider-man to the team, she then made a list of other members they were interested in, and left on a trip invite them.[1]


Seemingly those of the Kamala Khan of Earth-616.

  • Ms. Marvel wrote fanfiction on Earth's heroes.[1]
  • Kamala is dating Falcon.[1]

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