Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel ended up in the base of the Avengers when time travelling, and accidentally revealed Tony Stark's real identity to the other Avengers members. She ended up fighting the Avengers. She saw Captain America in the water. They brought him on board and Ms. Marvel and Captain America joined the Avengers. After the death of Ms. Marvel's alternate timeline mother, A version of Kang the Conquerer appeared and revealed that with her mother dead she would likely fade out of existence in a year or two. Ms Marvel revealed the truth of travelling from the future to the Wasp who revealed this to the other Avengers and the group agreed to not use it to change the outcome of the future. Ms. Marvel fought alongside the Avengers against the Lava Men and then Kang the Conquerer and was able to sneak aboard Kang's ship and use Doctor Doom's Time Machine to travel back and stop herself from revealing herself to the Avengers. They attempted to use the Time Platform to return but Kang sent them back to the point before Gibralter was above the ocean and started to drown them. A future version of Ms. Marvel saved the original and the time paradox version blinked out of existence[1]

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