Kamentin was a mad botanist who in the fall of 1942 had an entire garden full of man-eating plants. Obsessed with feeding his creations human beings, he and his minion Ixtor would go out into the town below his castle and get fresh victims every night there was a full moon.

His activities attracted the attention of the Vision who traveled to the region to put an end to Kamentin's murderous creations. The Vision allowed himself to be captured by Kamentin and Ixtor to be brought to the killers' castle. There, the Vision and a captured female broke free from their bonds and confronted Kamentin. Kamentin unleashed his plants on the two, but when they broke free, the frightened botanist attempted to flee the scene. As he ran away from the Vision, Kamentin tripped and ended up falling into the maw of one of his own plants and was eaten alive.[1]


Kamentin was a brilliant botanist.


Kamentin's Killer Plant
Kamentin used massive Venus Fly-Traps which he fed his victims to. These massive plants had vines that could reach out and coil around victims. They lived off human flesh and blood and spat out the bones of their victims once all their flesh was consumed.

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