Quote1 I admire what you've done with the place. Gassing your own cities, torturing political prisoners-- It's not the most original approach, but there's something to be said for sticking to the classics. Quote2
-- Red Skull src

General Kamil Novoty took over the leadership of Sokovia's government soon after the country's fight for independence. The extent of his totalitarian control and appalling human rights record earned him the nickname of "the Butcher."

Following decades of poverty and war in Sokovia, Hydra invaded the country and, in a turn of events, opposed Novoty's forces. When the insurgency reached the capital of Sokovia, Hydra's leader Red Skull confronted Novoty and revealed his intention to allow his forces to repell Hydra's, with the objective to attract the attention of the western countries and S.H.I.E.L.D. and further manipulate them.

The Red Skull also mentioned that Novoty was going to be killed once he fulfilled his purpose, for which the General initially refused to participate in his plan. However, the Red Skull pointed out that the alliance would give him a brief reprieve that he would surely use to try to find a way out. Novoty gave in, and carried out his part in the Skull's plan.[1]

General Novoty was then killed by Hydra forces in their last move to overrun and conquer the capital city of Sokovia.[2]

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