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Kaminari is the goddess of thunder and lightning of the Amatsu-Kami, the Shinto gods of Japan.[1]

She and her fellow Amatsu-Kami have been instrumental in battling Mikaboshi, the Shinto god of evil, on various occasions.

When Mikaboshi and his demon hordes attacked the Olympian gods of Greece, Kaminari and her fellow Amatsu-Kami traveled to Olympus to assist in the efforts to banish Mikaboshi back to the underworld realm of Yomi.[2]

Kaminari vs. Mikaboshi

Later, when Mikaboshi and his army of enslaved alien deities attacked the Amatsu-Kami’s extradimensional realm of Ama, Kaminari and her fellow gods (under the leadership of the sun goddess Amaterasu) again attempted to thwart the god of evil. However, by this time, Mikaboshi had become too powerful, and he handily defeated and enslaved Kaminari and the other assembled Amatsu-Kami.[3]



Seemingly those of a typical Amatsu-Kami.

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