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In 3016 A.D., the Kammar was part of a fleet of over twenty Arcturian Scout Ships crewed by the Reavers of Arcturus that intercepted the starship Captain America at the edge of the Arcturian System. Following their standard procedure for first contact with any alien race, the fleet trapped the Captain America within a radiation-emitting sphere of pulsating energy. The rest of the fleet then dispersed, leaving the Kammar behind in sensor range to monitor the lifeforms within the energy-bubble so they could precisely determine the radiation dosages that were required to kill each of them. Once Starhawk left the ship, a trio of ancient androids (including Brutag) were teleported onto the Captain America from the Kammar.[1]

The androids were swiftly defeated but High Commander Ogord, who had been receiving regular updates at his headquarters on Arcturus IV, then ordered the Kammar to increase its disruptor output to the ultimate. This generated a protonucleic disruptor pulse that tore the Captain America apart.[2]

As the crew of the Kammar reported the destruction of the Captain America, they failed to notice that an escape module had survived intact among the wreckage until it attached itself to one of their airlocks. By then it was too late to prevent the Guardians of the Galaxy from boarding their scout ship and quickly commandeering it. After scanning the ship's data banks and learning of Ogord's plan to use his own grandchildren to kill Starhawk, the Guardians piloted the Kammar to Arcturus-IV where they managed to save Starhawk but not his children.[3]

After defeating the Home Guard of the Reavers, the Guardians used the Kammar to escape from the Arcturian System. While on a heading for Sol, they encountered Drydock and were able to land in its docking area.[4]


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